Our Program

Brooklyn Doodles is an art enrichment program emphasizing teaching and learning through meaningful play and hands-on experiences. Our classes are designed to foster a love of learning through inquiry based teaching methods that engage children in creating, questioning, and exploring the world around them. Classroom activities provide opportunities for individual growth and self-expression, cooperation and collaboration, and the development of a positive approach to learning.

Our Preschool Alternative Program is a 5 day enrichment program that runs September through June. The program includes art and science exploration, creative movement, Spanish story-time, children’s yoga, and a variety of enrichment classes throughout the school year for ages 2.5 years to 3 years old.

Brooklyn Doodles Studio is an art 
immersion program that offers fun, quality art classes to children 3.5 years to 10 years old. Our classes are designed to foster an appreciation and love for art. Participants are given the freedom to develop creative expression and artistic abilities while exploring a wide range of topics and themes.